Monthly archives: July, 2017

The Day SMOKE’s Fake Friends Attacked Him

No sooner had i published this article, than Freakler came at me calling me a liar for stating that he and his lame Hackinformer crew attacked SMOKE when he was at his lowest, you don’t call me a fucking liar and get away with it.

Now you all know SMOKE, he is……

When People Cry About Others Making Money

I was sitting looking through PlayStationHaX Twitter account and i seen a funny conversation, so i just had to make a comment:

Now seriously, how the fuck do these Hackinformer crocodiles have the audacity to cry about anyone making a bit of money in the scene, especially Freakler:

[Archive] Should Scene Sites Charge For Hacking Consoles ?

I originally posted this article on PlayStationHaX on the 27th of April 2016, as it fitted more with the scene and PlayStation, but it is also drama and rant related, so has a place here on my personal blog.

Now my article will not be as awesome as @wololo‘s……

Another Lamer Insults Talib Kweli – This One Has A Hidden Agenda Though

Every day some idiot goes on to Twitter to take a swipe at Talib Kweli, it is usually some racist idiot or a troll who is bored and has nothing better to do, mainly they are racists though, they falsely accuse Talib of being racist, anti-White or anti-Semitic.