The first time i seen this, was about two years ago and then Ukraine and Russia performed the parade together, which i think was the first time they did this, before then, Russia performed the parade themselves and its back to that way this year.

I wasn’t that close when i was taking the photo’s, most images are taken at the full length of my 55mm – 250mm lens, so i was able to see with the photo’s better than i could with the naked eye, but still not as close as i would be if i was at the ultimate seating area, which costs money and is always full.

I am happy with the photo’s i took, all photo’s are unedited, they are not Photoshopped in anyway to improve them, which is the way i like any photo i take, all natural, so ill shut up now and present you with with a selection of 150 from almost 700 images i took: