Some may say I’m Pro-Putin, some may say I’m Pro-Russia, that’s not quite the case, i admire Putin for standing up to America and i think Russia is a beautiful country, with an abundance of rich history, but Russia is far from my favourite country and i would pick many countries over it.

The current situation in Crimea, i hold close to my heart, i consider the place to be my second home, i have many family members there, who welcome being part of Russia, i also have a female friend, who’s family from Crimea are split, her mother against Russian intervention and her brother for Russian intervention.

From my many journeys in Crimea, i have come to see that it is a predominately Pro-Russian place, but i also see that several of the citizens see Crimea as Ukrainian and are not anti-Russian, but against Russian invasion.

There are also the Tatar people of Crimea, who had lived in the peninsula for centuries until Stalin decided to deport them deep into Russia and replacing them with Russian families, now the Tatars and these Russian families are stuck in a tug of war between Ukraine and Russia, they are having their daily lives turned upside down, by many factors, the Tatars are reportedly being victimized and receiving hate crime and prejudices from Pro-Russians, there are rumours that they are to be deported from where they have based themselves in Crimea, to another area of the peninsula

The Russian families and the children of those families, now have to decide to become Russian again, or stay Ukrainian, now what I’m seeing, mainly from the media, not just Pro-Russian media like Russia Today, but all media’s around the world, is that the majority of the people in Crimea who are protesting and want Crimea to become part of Russia, are elderly citizens, who miss the nostalgia from the old Soviet days, who were against Crimea being given away by Russia’s leader Krushchev to Ukraine, Krushchev was by birth Ukrainian, so perhaps he gave Crimea to Ukraine as a way to apologize for not being able to stop the atrocities caused by Stalin in Ukraine, regardless of why he did it, lets get back on track.
Whilst i see the elderly as the main supporters of a Russia, i don’t really see that with their children or grandchildren, there aren’t many people over the age of say 40, out protesting for their peninsula to become part of Russia, many of the people under a certain age, have become used to being Ukrainian and have friends in mainland Ukraine, so the signal of the love for Russia is quite a mixed one.

Now let me get to the core of my reason for creating this article.

There isn’t any country in the world that is innocent of some sort of invasion or rebellion resulting in armed force, but as we mature as human beings, we should adapt more to a negotiable role, where we should be able to be diplomatic in what we do and how we treat other countries, not lets talk invasions of other countries since the year 2000, lets discuss the cost of life and other factors, which in my opinion will shows the hypocrisy of western governments, especially the USA and its puppy the United Kingdom:

Military Involvement Of America And EU Nations And Allies In Other Countries:

Iraq War 2003 – 2011
This war orchestrated by USA and backed by the UK, involved the invasion of another country, under false pretences, which ultimately seen the over throwing and execution of the leader of that country.
The final result of this conflict since the withdrawal of US military in 2011, are the daily car bombings and murders by terrorist factions within Iraq.
Yes the war seen the the countries leader who was a terrible dictator removed, but it was also the cause of over 174,000 deaths, that total continuing to rise due to the terrorist attacks in the unstable countries.
America and their allies destabilized the country and turned it into a bigger nightmare than it ever was under Saddam Hussein’s rule and it done all this whilst lieing to the world about why it had invaded the country to begin with.

Afghanistan War 2001 – To Present
This war was started as a response to the terrorist attacks in America by Al Qaeda, which killed thousands of innocent people, now whilst this was is understandable as a response to the terrorist attacks, this was the invasion of a foreign country none the less, which is still going on to this day and has resulted in the deaths of of an unaccountable amount of Afghans, but the estimates are between 1K to 4K per year, not to forget the Afghan civilians displaced from their homes, which reach to over 80,000 and then there are the amount of coalition forces who have been killed and those with several injuries such as amputee’s and brain trauma, with this war still ongoing, who knows what the final death toll will be.
This war did get rid of Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for the atrocities on September 11th 2001 in the USA, but it has in no way got rid of the Taliban or other factions within that group, nor in my opinion, will it ever get rid of them.

Libyan Civil War
The Libyan Civil War came around because the people of Libya were tired of their leader and wanted change, protests turned into armed conflict, between Libyan forces and rebels comprised of many of Libya’s citizens, who were teachers and farmers before the conflict, unfortunately, the rebel’s also consisted of factions of Al Qaeda, this would have been known, by NATO, America and UK before they decided to give a helping hand to the rebels, the number of deaths in that conflict are around 25,000, of which NATO is personally responsible for around 40 civilian deaths, indirectly the number is unknown.
This conflict seen foreign nations get involved in another country’s civil war, it seen the brutal murder of the country’s leader, who should have been arrested and taken to a fair trial, that would have seen him jailed or executed for his crimes, it seen the Butcher of Tripoli Moussa Koussa, given sanctuary by the UK, who seems to have exonerated him from all the horrendous crimes he committed against the Libyan people.

Syrian Civil War
Another civil war, due to the populations dislike for the people in charge, protests turning to armed conflict, America supports the Anti-Syrian government forces and have supplied them with weapons, Russia supports the Syrian government with weapons, though these weapons were part of a paid agreement of arms agree’d before the war began.
Turkey and Israel have also been involved in the conflict, yet again, foreign countries butting in on a country’s civil war.
The death toll is over 100,000 and still climbing as the war is not over.

This is an ongoing conflict, where the British made Israel continues to brutally murder Palestinians, as well as continue to steal even more Palestinian land and imprison thousands of Palestinians civilians without trial, all whilst being supported by American money and weapons.
American weapons and money helped Israel to murder over 7000 Palestinians since the year 2000, it continues to back Israel’s aggression and does not sanction them for human rights violations.

Military Involvement Of Russia In Other Countries:

2008 South Ossetia War
This was a civil war, in which South Ossetia wanted Independence from Georgia, Georgia responded in June 2008 by shelling South Ossetia with mortars and shooting militia, after the constant bombardment of South Ossetian’s, Russia decided to intervene and used their Air Force to push back Georgian forces.
Around 600 civilian and military from all sides lost their lives, the result of the war seen Georgia loose and South Ossetia was able to get greater freedom from Georgia.

Russian Military Intervention In Crimea
Shortly after Viktor Yanukovych fled from the mobs in Kiev, Russia who already had military in Crimea, began to mobilize them to protect its assets in Crimea as well as the predominately Russian citizens, further Russian forces were sent into Crimea, to strengthen the ones that were already there, this was seen by western governments as an invasion.
The result of this invasion, was a referendum, which resulted in the majority of Crimea wanting to rejoin Russia, but of course western governments seen this as illegal.
What has become of this is Russia annexing Crimea and Crimea taking on Russian citizenship, but western governments do not support this and have imposed sanctions on Russia.
No one has died as a result of Russia’s intervention, as it is not a war.

Now compare these two Russian invasions as opposed to Americas invasions

Iraq Vs Georgia Vs Crimea
Iraq was an illegal invasion, under the pretence of false allegations, America who created this war, should be taken to court along with the UK for crimes against humanity and for war crimes, yet they go unpunished and have never received any sanctions for their crimes, those crimes which involved the removal of an elected leader and the death of thousands of people, it has also turned Iraq into a terrorist hotspot.

Georgia’s invasion was done to support the people of South Ossetia, who were being mascaraed by the Georgian forces, Russia did not strip the Georgian leader of power, it did not destroy Georgia’s way of life, it was not responsible for several thousand civilian deaths, yet they were condemned by America.

Crimea was an illegal invasion, but unlike Iraq, it was welcomed by the Crimean people, it was also done at the request of the Ukrainian President, whilst he was fleeing, furthermore, no one has been killed in this invasion, people in Crimea will now enjoy higher wages and pensions, almost twice that which they received from the Ukrainian government, yet Russia has been condemned by America and EU and have had many sanctions imposed on them.

So spot the hypocrites, America and UK can be commit war crimes, they can lie and get away with it, receiving zero punishments, they do not get sanctioned fro illegally invading other countries either.
But when Russia does it, with zero force, they are condemned, I guess that’s all there is to say.