I’m a huge fan of extreme close up photography and i always wanted to get a Macro lens, but i could not decide which lens to go for, the price of these lens’s didn’t help either as they can be quite expensive, a decent lens can start at around £150, a really good lens is around £700, this is something i wanted but couldn’t really afford.
So i was speaking about it on IRC and euss mentioned a Macro ring, this is a device that sits on the body of your camera where the lens usually connects, it has threads on it which lets you reverse your lens, so the part with the elements is on the outside.

Super Close Ups at an extremely low price.

You have to be closer to the item you are taking a photo of, which means that it can be darker and if you have a shaky hand like me, live items will be scared off.

All those problems can easily be fixed though, so the pro’s outweigh the cons, anyhow enough of me talking, here are the photo’s, please note that they are my first attempt and that i don’t have any lighting solutions set up:

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