Monthly archives: April, 2014

Photo’s 18th April 2014

Some Beautiful Swans In Crimea

Here are some photo’s i took of a couple of swans in a small village outside of Sevastopol in Crimea:

Time lapse Ice – Melting And In Reverse

Another fail, but whatever, need to learn how to change setting to fit the light situation, the flickering is annoying :/

Insect Photo’s Taken Today

Took some images in the garden today(10th April 2014) of some cool looking bugs, I’m still not great at this, but ill keep doing it, also I don’t touch any of the images up with Photoshop, I leave them as they are:

Images From March 2014

Here are a bunch of random images i took in March 2014, the only ones that don’t belong in March are the Mario ones, they aren’t great, but it’s something i enjoy and something that will hopefully improve over time, just a warning, these images contain snails and slugs:

My First Close Up Time Lapse Attempt

I’m sure most of you by now, know that i enjoy photography, I’m not that good at it, but i enjoy doing it and I’m sure i’ll improve over time, anyhow here is my first attempt at a close up time lapse, failings/tips for myself will be posted below it:

A Video That Shows The Evil Of Israel

Israel the nation built on stolen land, the nation who on a daily basis harass Palestinian’s, the nation who is constantly stealing more and more land from Palestine, the nation who wants to wipe Palestine from existence, so that it can create a Jewish state in all of what it claims to be Israel.

Here is……