As a citizen of Northern Ireland, I am legally considered by law both a British and Irish citizen, I consider my self to be Irish, in my heart and mind I am Irish, unfortunately for me, Northern Irish is still under British rule, it is still legally part of the United Kingdom with its own laws, none of the laws of Northern Ireland apply in Southern Ireland and none of the laws in Southern Ireland apply here.

Yes whilst I would like my country to be the one country united as one and ruled under the law of Southern Ireland, I know that this may never be possible in my life time and yes that does make me a sad, it has nothing to do with the title of this article, it is not the reason why I state that I am Proud To Be Irish – Sad To Be British.

Proud To Be Irish - Sad To Be British

Yesterday(22nd May 2015) voting in a referendum concerning the right for same sex couple to get married got under way and basically the result today was a land slide win, with over 70% of Irish people saying yes to same sex marriage, which is fucking awesome and makes my Irish blood so proud.

Sadly my Irish blood is on the British colony known as Northern Ireland, which as I said earlier does not have the same laws as Southern Ireland and the British(UUP, DUP) on my occupied part of Ireland keep blocking any chance of a referendum on marriage equality, so when our Irish same sex couple get legally married down in Dublin, our Irish same sex partners in say Belfast or Derry will not be able to do so as it is not yet legal and there is no word of when this will happen and if it will happen.

So I am happy when I see loads of people tweeting about Ireland’s historic vote, but i am also sad as i know that in my part of Ireland it is not yet legal.

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