Hello and welcome to my personal blog.

Most of you who will be reading this already know who i am, so there is no point going into a detailed description of myself, if you happen to arrive on this blog and you don’t know who i am, then read this:

I had been thinking about creating this blog for a while, as i love to voice my opinion and speak about what i believe in, i also like to rant and whilst i have Twitter to do that, it isn’t really suitable because of the character limit, which means that a rant would end up covering many tweets and spamming the crap out of my followers, some of who may not care about what i have to say, which i fully understand.

So on this blog, i will talk/rant/discuss subjects which i hold dear to me, one of which is the illegal occupation of Palestine and the systematic ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip.
I am involved in console scenes, so sometimes i like ranting about something which i think is wrong or detrimental to that scene, so i will be complaining about such things like that.
Then there are everyday stories and subjects, which i often talk about.
And finally there are the movies and TV shows which i enjoy and i will be talking about them and giving my honest opinion on them 🙂

This blog wont be for everyone, its for those of you who actually enjoy reading what i say, no matter how crazy it may seem at times, it is also for me, so thanks for reading and enjoy anything i say in the future 🙂