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US Cinemas To Get DBZ Battle Of Gods Special Viewing

If you are lucky enough to live in the USA or Canada, you will be able to view a special showing of Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods, in certain cinema’s, to celebrate the event, Funimation teamed up with Mega64 to make an amusing live action trailer:

The date for……

Images Of Navy Day Parade – Sevastopol – Crimea – 2014

The first time i seen this, was about two years ago and then Ukraine and Russia performed the parade together, which i think was the first time they did this, before then, Russia performed the parade themselves and its back to that way this year.

I wasn’t that close when i was taking the photo’s, most……

Banned On PS3HaX LOL

Meh been banned by a coward on PS3HaX, I’m glad though, because it lets me see the cowardly bitch for what he is.
I wont mention the little bitch’s name, he isn’t important enough to be posted on here.

Who Is Responsible For MH17 Malaysian Flight Crash ?

Yesterday we were brought the horrifying news that a civilian flight crossing over Easter Ukraine’s air space, crashed or was shot down, there is no doubt in my mind that the plane was shot down and that this shooting was not accidental, those responsible need to be punished, i will list each of the……

Tekken 7 Details Released ?

It seems that some Tekken 7 details have been leaked before the official release, here is a video from IGN:

Thanks to a_titkov for the YouTube video

Win A PS4 Through Amazon UK

Amazon UK are holding an awesome competition, in which you can win a PS3, Fifa 14 and a years supply of PS Plus, the competition is available only for UK residents:

Competition Link

How The PS3HaX Beginning Of The End Started

If any of you read this blog post yesterday, you will know that i stepped down as a moderator/News Writer from a website that i had been a staff member of for six years and four months, my reason for stepping down, was for many different reasons.

Many people believed i should have been given……

99¢ Flash Sale On PS Store

The US PS Store is holding a 99 Cent Flash sale, which runs from now until Monday, July 14th at 12:00 p.m. Pacific, there are some great games for the PS3 and PS Vita, with many PS1 classic titles in the mix, here is the complete list:

Thanks PS3HaX – But Its Time For Me To Move On

I got the internet for the first time in September 2007, i had just had my PS3 for a few months and thought I’d join a forum, i joined a well known site called Afterdawn, but it wasn’t quite what i needed in regards to PS3 Hacking.

I found out about a PS3 Hacking group called……

Samurai Warriors 4 – Coming Soon – New Video

Most of you who know me, know that I am a huge “Warriors” fan, Dynasty Warriors being my favourite, followed by Samurai Warriors and it has seemed like an extremely long time since I last played a Samurai Warriors game.
That will soon change, as Samurai Warriors 4 will be released on the 21st of……