Well i have been away for a little while, that was because i was spending some time with my new born baby boy.

I would have let you all know that i was taking a break, but he came nine days before he was supposed to and that threw everything out of shape, i told NeoSabin about it the day he was born and asked him to make a Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX thread on the forums birthday and post that i would be away for a little way, i tell NeoSabin everything because he is my best friend, i also told 3abiso because he is a good friend who showed me his new born and i told Keytor69 because he was the first person that i told about the twins when they were born 9+ years ago.

I am sorry to those of you who i consider good friends and look at as if you are family for not saying anything, people such as BobbyBlunt, LostDeathNight, StarMelter etc, as well as those i hold dear on Twitter, i had about two hours sleep in over 24 hours and my head was muddled, i removed my self from the internet after speaking to Neosabin.
Please don’t take it bad or feel hurt that i did not say, i love you all dearly but wanted to disengage from online and telling loads of people wasn’t on the agenda.

Even though i am back, it isn’t really full time back, ill be here when i have the time 🙂