I know i may sometimes seem anti-American, but that’s not the case, I’m anti-government and anti-ignorant-idiots, the latter is what I’m going to speak about, a bunch of dumb, ignorant morons, who just happen to be American.

Now the subject I’m talking about is the Twitter trend “Speak English” which was joined with the hashtag #SpeakAmerican, which happened after a Coca Cola ad was shown during the American Hand Egg Superbowl, the ad featured America the Beautiful, not the song wasn’t the problem, the problem and upset seemed to come from the fact that the song was multilingual.

Coca Cola posted a tweet after the video was aired, which said:

The Only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here.

I don’t think you can call any of these people beautiful:

You can view more posts like that from Twitter and Facebook here:
Speak English!: Racist Revolt As Coca-Cola Airs Multilingual ‘America the Beautiful’ SuperBowl Ad

    When you view all the tweets in that link, you will see that:

  • Those idiots spouting off their hate filled tweets, are too dumb to realize that they are the descendants of immigrants from Germany, Spain, Italy and a whole host of other non English speaking countries.
  • These idiots are too dumb to realize that they are the foreigners in a land that doesn’t belong to them, that the indigenous language of America, was not and is not English.
  • These idiots are too dumb to realize that “American” isn’t a fucking language.
  • And some of these idiots are too dumb to realize what fucking song was actually being sang.

Yes America is a beautiful country, yes America does have some beautiful people, but America also have some of the most ignorant, racist, stupid, moronic idiots that live on planet earth.