Well first i will get PlayStationHaX out of the way, i moved to new hosts, changed the Nameserver, all the other websites worked fine apart from PlayStationHaX, thats because the ‘.it’ domain is a pain in the ass, they don’t like the nameserver being changed and take forever to actually change it, so after raising issues with support at WestHost, i decided to say screw it and use the ‘xyz’ domain i bought a little while ago for £0.99 and this probably would have been sorted sooner, but this takes me to the GregoryRasputin part

Or rather the personal part of me, which i do try and share with you guys without exposing too much of myself or giving my enemies too much ammunition to use against me, basically in my secret private life on the 17th something happened, it was a bunch of different things and the way i was left the following day i could see no way out, this hit me with heavy depression, i wasn’t at home so didn’t have access to my computers or backups or anything to fix PlayStationHaX, which is probably why it was down for so long, fortunately by the 24th things seemed to turn around and get a bit better, they aren’t perfect, but it will get there.

So where does that leave me ?
PlayStationHaX can be found by visiting:

Personally i am still taking a break, i won’t be as active on the forum or Twitter, but i will still be around, this article is merely to give all of you that cared an update on me and thank you for being concerned, also for those of you who don’t particularly care about me to let you know about the situation of PlayStationHaX and to apologise for the website being down for so long.