[Archive] Should Scene Sites Charge For Hacking Consoles ?

This is an article i wrote on PlayStationHaX during April 2016, i strongly believe now as i did then, if you are a scene website, who’s aim is to help and educate people, you should not be offering any services where you charge people for doing a service, it shows your lack of care for the scene and shows that you only view the console hacking scene and the end user as a pay check.





Now my article will not be as awesome as @wololo‘s article that you can read here, it will be short and have the poll to accompany it.



Now if you wonder what the issue is, then i will explain…



Last week @BobbyBlunt brought to my attention that @Hackinformer had a service in which he was installing themes and the ability to play homebrew via ePSP for a fee, you can read more about it here.



These are the services that he charges for:





Now why do i have a problem with this ?



Hackinformer runs a scene site, everything he gets for his website he gets for free, the information to write articles for free, the homebrew and applications to write about for free, so charging for what he gets for free is wrong, on top of that, as i said, he runs a scene site, scene sites have always been about helping people, posting tutorials and guides as well as giving help in threads where people are looking for help, they have never been about selling services and they never should be.



The whole way it is done is sleazy and disgusting, from this deceiving pinned tweet:



To the fact once you click that link, you are greeted with a login screen that forces you to register in order to see the article and once you register, you assume you are going to get a guide or help on how to do everything that is said in the tweet, but no, you are greeted with a a thread explaining you must pay to get all this done, the deceiving and dishonesty i find more disgusting than the actual selling of a service.



Hackinformers service involves installing all this on a Vita with 3.60 firmware, so how is this method done ?, what is he doing and why is he not providing other the information on how to do it themselves ?, its obvious, he is keeping it all to himself in order to profit from the scene.



Hackinformer isn’t some guy that does this for some spare cash at the weekend, he is someone who runs one of the biggest scene sites out there and as i said scene sites are there to help people, not get them to pay for the installation of homebrew.



Now i am sure i could say more on the subject, but there is no point, i have had enough hours wasted arguing about it and had personal information posted on Twitter over it.


For those interested, the personal information that was posted was my IP, now if some person from IRC did something like that, or one of the staff members form here did it, they would be cunts but it would be no big deal at the end of the day, as i put them in the position of seeing my IP…, but the person who posted my IP online @turkreno runs a company in which he sells server space for people to host their websites.


Now how did turkreno get such information and why did he post it ?

Whenever the server was hacked back at the beginning of this year, i asked turkreno for advice, he asked me to give him the servers details so he could look at the problem, this with my trusting nature did, he seen i had problems, then we talked about moving my website to his servers, which is what happened, but that’s where everything started to go bad, he started disabling plugins on the WordPress sites, then he seen attacks happening on the server he had hosted my site on, so he got scared and put my websites back on the old host, but i thought, cool he managed to clean the shit up and he even installed a firewall for me, i was very thankful, but then i realised that the forum was fucked up, whatever he did, meant the entire software had to be reinstalled, then after a while i realised that the server was not clean from infection after all and i ended up finding and getting rid of two shells and a spam bot service embedded into a legit file, so that is the reason he had the information, now as to why.


Well after i sent Hackinformer a tweet, saying i disagreed with what he was doing, turkreno brought it upon himself to white knight  for Hackinformer and what i though started of as a simple discussion soon turned into an argument and after i called turkreno out for his shitty workmanship, he posted my IP, the IP he had gotten in confidence and private online, telling anyone who was following him to block my IP and the IP range, so he did it out of childish spite, which shows he and his web hosting is not to be trusted.


Something else to think about, if he held onto my IP for that long, perhaps he has also held onto the database, which means he is also in possession of all your IP’s, email address’s and passwords which makes him just as dangerous as someone who hacked the server and stole the database.


For Help Please Click This Link To Be Taken To The Thread On PlayStationHaX Forums


After all the money said person claimed was for making his forum/site a better place went on things not related to the website, the website in it self does not cost much to run, the front page uses free software, the forum uses free software, both the front page and forum are plastered in ad’s, so why the fuck charge people for a simple job that they could do themselves if only it was explained better.


In the running of my websites, i get the occasional donation, which i appreciate greatly, it does help when it comes to paying that bill at the end of the month or when renewing a domain, but for the most the money comes from my pocket, i make barely any money from associations with various online retail websites, so i make do with paying the majority from my own pocket and i am happy to do that, i enjoy helping people and writing articles, if it comes to the day i can no longer afford to pay out of my own pocket, i will close the websites down before charging people to install themes or any other mediocre task, i am not in the scene to make money, i don’t want spare cash from ad’s and associations when the month is over, i just need enough to cover the server and i do not look for nor need more than that.

[Archive] Louise Mensch Childishly Attacks Liz Kendall(Repost)

Repost Number 3




There are two British women who make my skin crawl, the wicked witch Katie Hopkins and the vile despicable Louise Mensch, they are simply the most disgusting horrible women that have ever lived in the UK, below is an archive of an article i wrote when Jeremy Corbyn was running for leader of the labour party, Mensch started attacking one of Corbyns supporters and did so in a manner that not only made herself like a complete dumbass, but showed she would stoop to any level to discredit people.

1.) I state in the article that i do not support Corbyn, i did not back then, but that has since changed, i have grown to admire the man and his politics, just like my favourite politician George Galloway, he is honest and full of integrity.
2.) I posted the article back then on speakyourmind.space, i am not affiliated with the website, but i am friends with the owner and sometimes post there.

Below is the article in its entirety:

The failed British politician, Louise Mensch, probably better known for the spoiled brat who tried to create her own version of Twitter, which ended up failing and instead of taking the blame on its failure, decided to blame her then boyfriend for getting arrested for allegedly have images of children performing sexual acts, has yet again showed how much she fails to Twitter and the world.

Its not secret that Mensch is a nasty person, you can see her various tweets or captures of deleted tweets and of course her blog posts, she gets some sore of kick out of attacking politicians, George Galloway was someone she attacked quite a lot in 2015.

Tonight she decides for some reason to attack Liz Kendall for apparently supporting Jeremy Corbyn, now she does this in the most childish pathetic manner in the form of a tweet, which she has since deleted and not apologised for, she stupidly forgets that stuff can’t be deleted from the internet and there is a screenshot of her vile tweet:


Mensch claims that what people on Twitter search for when looking for Liz Kendall are those terms, but if you take a quick look, you will notice the ‘x’ after each term, what that means, is that Mensch put those terms in herself searching for Liz Kendall, you see Twitter records YOUR search terms and only YOUR search terms on the current browser you are using, for example a normal search of Liz Kendall:

You will see that none of those horrible search terms are not present, why ?, because i did not search for Liz in that manner, but i did do a search on Mensch and used horrible terms in the search:


You will see that those search terms are there and they are only there because i searched for them, they are not part of Twitters search algorithm, they are part of my browsers Twitter search history.


Why did Mensch do this, there are several reasons:
1.) She is a vile horrible person, she cannot defeat anyone using her brain, so she has to do it via smear campaigns and telling lies, it is the only way she can seem to survive in this world.
2.) She has this ‘anti-Semite’ agenda, where she will act as if anyone who disagree’s with her is an anti-Semite and they hate the Jewish people, this is another one of her childish defence mechanisms.
3.) Which leads me to #3, Jeremy Corbyn is running to become the leader of the British Labour party, his opposition claim he is anti-Jewish and an anti-Semite and because Liz Kendall supports Jeremy in some sort of way, Mensch was trying to tell people that Twitter seen Liz as some sort of evil Nazi anti- Jewish anti-Semite, it was a very lame smear attempt which quickly backfired and what does Mensch do instead of saying sorry, she reverts to #2, claiming anyone that called her out on her horrible tweet, an anti-Semite.


Oh for the record, i do not support the British Labour party, i do not support Corbyn and i honestly do not give a flying fuck who becomes a member of a party that is insignificant to me. so don’t waste your time throwing the ‘Corbyn supporter anti-Semite’ bullshit at me, try coming up with something original…

You can read where i originally posted it by clicking this link

My Three Favourite Musicians – Music And Me(Repost)

Repost number 2:

I love a lot of music and many artists, but there are three that stick out in my mind and heart, i can’t really pick which one is my ultimate favourite, as i cycle between them depending on mood, so i guess the three of them can be considered my favourite, i will put them in the order i first heard of them.


I started of listening Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison at a young age, i liked them quite a lot, as soon as i started Secondary School i was introduced to my first toke of a cigarette and Hardcore Rave music and its all i really listened to until i was introduced to:

Bob Marley
It is true that a lot of people associate Bob Marley with Marijuana and that is how i was introduced to him, fifteen years old sitting in a friends house smoking some weed when an album was put in the CD Player, it was Bob Marley Legend, his music spoke to me, it made me feel happy, i didn’t really smoke weed much after then, but i am glad i was in that situation where i was introduced to this awesome artist.
I mainly listened Legend, my favourite song was Redemption Song:

but as i got older, i bought more of Bob Marley’s albums and around 19 years old i found a new song that would remain my favourite to this day, Africa Unite:

The guy was such an inspiration and tried to accomplish so much, he left a legacy not only in his own music, but in his children, some of whom are great musicians in their own right, you can never be sad when listening to Bob Marley, he just won’t let you, his words and melody keep you high and i don’t mean high from the effects of Ganja, but high with happiness.

One of the problems with the people who listen to Bob Marley when they are getting high, basically listen to the album Legend, but Bob Marley has so many more awesome albums and even better songs that are on that specific album, with Legend you don’t get such awesome tracks like Africa Unite and Kaya:

So going from 15 years old i mainly stuck with the Rave music, but that slowly started changing when i was around 17, i can’t specifically recall the reason for the change in music style or what drew me to it, but i started listening to Rap/Hip-Hop, my first album was an Ice T album, i can’t remember its name and i cannot remember the specific songs on it, but i did love that album very much, i went on to buy another couple of Ice T albums, even bought his Heavy Metal one, now again with i can’t remember what got me into this artist and i can’t remember if i had bought Dr Dre’s 2001 before or after first hearing him, but:

Tupac Shakur(2Pac)
Was the next artist i truly admired, the first album i bought was ‘Greatest Hits‘, i loved so many songs on the double disc album, my favourites being Keep Ya Head Up:

God Bless The Dead:

Hail Mary:

Unconditional Love:

Life Goes On:

Hit Em Up:


How Long Will They Mourn Me:

I had various posters of Tupac and Bob Marley on my wall, then i started watching the Tupac movies and in my opinion he was a great actor, it would have been great to see how popular he would have been as an actor today, because the potential was there, i bough several of Tupac’s albums over the years:
[*]2Pacalypse Now
[*]Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…
[*]Me Against the World
[*]All Eyez on Me
[*]R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
[*]Better Dayz
[*]The Rose That Grew from Concrete
[*]Still I Rise

All i really listened too for the next few years was Bob Marley and Tupac, with a little bit of Dr Dre, Xzibit and Eminem thrown in, Rave music basically vanished from my life, i was hitting my early to mid twenties when i was introduced to:

Leonard Cohen
The first song i heard was First We Take Manhattan:

I liked the song, but the voice and style drew me to the singer, a few months later i got my first album ‘The Best of Leonard Cohen‘, it was a Greatest Hits album from 1975, i like all the songs on it, there wasn’t any i disliked, my favourite probably being Suzanne:

The Partisan:

Last Years Man:

Also stuck in my head, i went on to buy ‘The Essential Leonard Cohen‘, it had some of the songs i already owned, but it had so many i didn’t, i then went on to buy another album titled ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen‘ it was his debut album and where i would find my favourite Leonard Cohen song, One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong:

Whenever i spend my time listening to music, it is usually one of those three, i usually listen music the most when i am writing articles for PlayStationHaX/WiiUHaX or when i am looking for articles to write.

That is just a tiny bit involving the personal life of GregoryRasputin.
Thanks for reading 🙂

Eurovision Political Contest – The Farce – #Eurovision 2016 (Repost)

Originally posted this after this years Eurovision,  but had to restore a previous back up so lost it, thanks to Google cache i was bale to copy it and repost, it helped me bring back three posts that i had lost 🙂


Some people like this show, some don’t, its not to everyone taste, after all it is filled with the cheesiest crap imaginable, but some of that crap is enjoyable.


I first started watching it when i was about 17, the winner that year was Dana International from Israel, i actually fell in love with her, i thought she was awesome, i didn’t care about this country ‘Israel’ that i didn’t know much about, i didn’t know back then it was the murdering terrorist state that it is, i just liked the singer, i do not remember much about Eurovision for the next few years, i don’t think i really watched it much after that 1998 win, i do remember my country Ireland winning it several times over the years.

I started watching it each year again after i met my wife, she is a Ukrainian/Russian, so she rooted for both countries and i guess i did too by default, i never really liked any of the songs, i did however start noticing a pattern over the years watching it, each country voted gave the highest points to their friend/neighbour, if a country didn’t like another they wouldn’t give them any points, the show in the background was a political force and country dick posturing, it wasn’t about which song was the best to the countries leaders, however the public chose with their hearts and that is probably what makes the show somewhat decent.

That luckily was the most political it got, none of the songs were political and the rules of the show denied anyone the ability to do that, until last night Saturday the 14th of May 2016, when Ukraine sang the most political song imaginable, it was referencing the Tatar mass deportation from Crimea to places deeper in the Soviet States which Russia’s Stalin was responsible for, you couldn’t have sang a more political song if you had tried and in my opinion allowing this song to be entered into Eurovision was wrong, after all when Armenia in 2015 had a song title ‘Don’t Deny’, they were forced to change the title as it was deemed to politically aimed at Turkey for being the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide.

So why was Armenia forced to change a title deemed to be political when Ukraine was allowed to use a song that in it’s entirety was political ?
Because Russia couldn’t be allowed to win, could you imagine having to go to that horrible country called Russia, you know that terrible place that saved Europe from Hitlers Nazi’s and spoke against such criminal wars such as the Iraq Invasion of 2003, you know the country who hasn’t persecuted Iran for the last 30 years.
Could you imagine how terrible it would be if Russia would have won the political(judges) vote and we would have seen Ukraine stropping and throwing her teddy at the fact they would have to go to Russia and sing or not participate at all, yeah that would have been the end of the world, we would have seen the apocalypse.

Well at least the public voted correctly for the best song and Russia’s song was the best, if they were to loose it should have been as second place to Spain or one of the other decent songs, they should never have lost to a song that would have been disallowed if it was directed to any other country than Russia.

For the record, i like Ukraine’s song as it sends a message out and makes people remember or introduces people to the atrocities committed by Stalin’s Russia, ALL ethnic cleansing’s, genocides and mass forced deportations should be remembered, they should never be forgotten and we should learn from them, but such songs and messages should be voiced by different means and not a song contest such as Eurovision.

Talking about mass forced deportations and genocide, why are some of the horrors of history deemed more important than others ?

Today marks 68 years of the Nakba, which is when the Zionists in what was Palestine forcefully deported Palestinians from their homes to make way for a nation called Israel, why does the west not get upset over this crime, why do they not see this as an important day to remember, why has Israel never been punished for this or asked to account for their crimes, those crimes which they still continue to this day.

The Armenian Genocide which was committed by Turkey has been basically brushed under the carpet, the west does not care about it as they would rather have Turkey as an ally than make them answer for their crimes.

In fact that only atrocities ever mentioned in great length or with great detail, are those committed by Hitler, Russia, some Asian countries and countries in Africa who’s atrocities were committed by Black Africans, when it comes to the west, their crimes don’t seem to matter, the crimes committed against the Native Americans who were slaughtered and mass deported seem to mean nothing, North Americans, specifically those who are white, want everyone to shut the fuck up about this crime and move on as it happened a along time ago, the crimes committed by Great Britain over the past 500 years don’t matter either, even the recent ones such as their treatment of the Irish, their murder of Irish Catholics, Irish Catholics who were forced from their homes to make way for Protestant British homes and people and Ireland is not the only place that Britain has caused vast human rights crimes, but like i said those crimes don’t matter, because they were not committed by Russia.

I think i have finished, i think my point is put across, for those that couldn’t be bothered to read the full thing, the meaning:
Don’t use Political messages/songs in Eurovision.
Realise that ALL atrocities and genocides matter, not the ones that the UK and USA dumb you down to believing are the only ones that matter.

Should Prostitution Be The Cause Of Losing Your Job ?

Now i am not going to go too far into the morals of this, because i have conflicting views on the subject, just as i do with abortion.

What i will say, is that think if prostitution is done right, in a safe environment, then it is far better than having to walk the streets, i personally think that prostitution should be made legal, but only if it is done in a safe environment.

I do not partake in prostitution, nor am i one, but i would not be prejudiced or discriminate against one who chooses to do that as a profession, after all, its their life, their body and as long as they are not endangering people with sexual transmitted infections or putting people at risk of HIV/AIDS, then they should be free to do what the choose to do with their own body.

Now on to the actual reason for this article.

A young woman lost her job at a popular well known games company, the reason for the sacking was because of her undisclosed second job, of course this ‘second job’ was not disclosed by the company, however various people dug up information about her and found out that she was an Escort.

Being an Escort is far safer than being a normal prostitute, though of course as you are meeting strangers it does still pose risks, but from what i gather, this job was not interfering with her main job at the games company, she was not selling herself at this games company, so there seems to be no reason for the sacking, other than the company wanting to save face if it ever emerged that she worked in prostitution.

I think it was unfair that she got sacked solely because she may have had a second career in prostitution, now there may have been other reason that we do not know and i do not know to much about the person that was sacked, but like i said, if she was sacked just because she had a second job getting paid for sex, then i think it was unfair, anyhow i have created a poll on Twitter for those of you interested, those of you that actually have Twitter, so that doesn’t include old fossils like Wolfie708 :p

[Archive] Xbox Fanboys And Racism

I posted this a while back on a website for anonymous posting, mostly because i didn’t want any attention from the post, but the word needs to be out there, especially since the protagonist has recently had a melt down and attacked that which he claims to love, that which he defended and was racist towards Sony and Japanese people over, here is the full article:

Xbox Fanboys And Racism

Originally posted here 2ND June 2015

This article is being written by a gamer and as gamers, we have to put up with a whole pile of stupid shit and insults against our characters, the last think we need to be labelled as, are racist pieces of shit and this is where this story leads us, racism and Microsoft at E3.



E3 is the ultimate gaming event, which takes place over 3 or 4 days once a year, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are always the big names there, its where we will see new games, new consoles and other gaming related news.
The gaming media visits but so do the public, but the main events are generally closed to journalists, with the exception of those invited as guests.



Microsoft has invited a few prominent YouTubers, they aren’t big names, but they are known well enough to be invited by a huge company such as Microsoft, one of those invited is CrapgamerReviews and he seems like a loyal Microsoft fan, but that does not change the fact he is a racist scum bag, referring to the Japanese as ‘Rice Eaters’ and claiming they are ‘shady’, he also called the PS4 ‘niggerstation 4’, stating that PS4 owners should be sent to Fema camps to make them American again, on top of that using hash tags such as ‘#PS4TheNiggers’.



Now looking from the outside this whole situation could be looked at as Sony Fanboy’s against Microsoft Fanboy’s, but that it isn’t the case, its one person calling out a racist for being a racist.

This morning whilst viewing my Twitter account as usual, I noticed a tweet regarding Microsoft, stating something along the lines off ‘I’m surprised they would invite racists’, so I decided to look around and read up a little bit, this is the tweet that seemed to start it all off:


here are

the images contained in the tweet:


This is his Twitter account:



As you can see the racist Tweets are from @__CrapGamer__ and CrapgamerReviews Twitter account is @The_CrapGamer, so one could say that they are not the same person as some in the Twitter conversation suggested and of course CrapgamerReviews denied it was him as you can see here:



And yes if you didn’t do something, if you were not racist, you have every right to defend yourself, but the sad fact is, CrapgamerReviews was lieing, sometime between the 12th of February 2015 and the 15th of February 2015, CrapgamerReviews changed his Twitter username from @__CrapGamer__ to @The_CrapGamer, how do i know this ?
Its simple, the idiots YouTube channel, on most of his videos he add’s links to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, here you can see the screenshots:
12 Feb 2015

15 Feb 2015

All the videos before the 12th of February include a link to @__CrapGamer__ all after the 15th of February include a link to @The_CrapGamer, you see its extremely piss easy to change your twitter Name and Username, you can change both and nothing can be linked back to your old Twitter username, unless you of course don’t edit all your YouTube videos to reflect your new Twitter username, now that i have proven that these two accounts are the same, i will leave you with a few of his racist Tweets:

TLDR Version
Microsoft invites Egotistical YouTube Xbox Fanboy cunt to E3 as a guest, that cunt gets caught out being racist, changes his username to pretend it was someone pretending to him, only for it to be proven to be him due to his own stupidity of not editing the videos he uses the old Twitter username in.

He claimed the images were fake, basically calling me a liar, so i decided to make a video:

Follow Up(February 2016)
The story about him being invited to E3 was a pile of bullshit, it was another lie in a long list of lies made up by this idiot, CrapGamer only cares about his shitty YouTube channel and the hits he can get from morons visiting and watching his videos, he doesn’t care for Microsoft, he doesnt care about gaming, he only cares for the money he makes off YouTube hits…

[Update 2] New Badge At PSXHaX

Well i expected to get this badge much, much sooner, considering PSXHaX is just PS3News v2 and i knew that it would happen when i started calling their bullshit out.

This morning a friend on IRC posted me a link of a post at PSXHaX and asked if it was bullshit, i looked at it and the post had a pretend developer, posting code that was not his, pretending that it was his, that code belongs to well known developer BigBoss aka PSXDev, here are the posts:

So yeah i got banned for calling out this fake dev for stealing other peoples code 🙂

Some tweets between PSXDev and myself:




Seems i have been unbanned by the owner, however it does not change the fact that this clown sEKTOR is a fake and a thief.

Update 2
lol seems he is very angry because i got unbanned as he has sent me two PM’s, one in which he attacks me for being Russian, he also did this in his forum post, it is clear he is very Xenophobic:

And more replies:

Thieving Scum Will Always Be Thieving Scum

Well you can change the corrupt bastards in charge, but if the system is rotten to the core, then the new people in charge will also become corrupt bastards.

I am sorry guys, I honestly thought I had written my last PS3HaX related rant ages ago and put that era of my life behind me, but when I see some shit that annoys me, I have to say something about it and what is really annoying me at the moment is the blatant thievery happening at PS3HaX, the motherfuckers are straight up plagiarising other peoples work, they do source to the original material, but that does not change the fact that the lazy cunts are copy/pasting other peoples work instead of actually writing their own shit, here are a few examples:

You can see, its just copy/paste, copy/paste, rinse/repeat, now some of you might ask why this bothers me, well in regards to PS3HaX it doesn’t, I despise the site and all who run it, its a cheap ass money making hub who don’t give a fuck about their visitors or members.
What does bother me, is that the original writers of the articles have had their hard work stolen and posted on some trashy website, i do not agree with everything Wololo does, but the guy puts the work in and writes some great articles, not little snippets like me, but full blown articles that take time to do and so do all the other authors on his website, then they have their worked ripped off, without even as much as a thank you and i find that disgusting.

That part of the rant over, on to another small rant.
A week or so ago, cfwprphet, Starmelter and others including myself were discussing an article on which i have interviewed a ‘Chinese Hacker’ when i was at PS3HaX and the link was posted, i then went to the actual forum post and noticed some cunt had unbanned me:

I was even able to login with no restrictions that i seen, now i find this a violation of my right to be banned, i don’t want to be a senior member or any other type of member on that piece of shit website, i did not want to be unbanned nor do i want to remain unbanned, i do not believe in defacing posts, i find it childish, so i cannot do that in order to get rebanned, hopefully one of the fucks over there see’s this and rebans me.

Fuck PS3HaX, its owners and staff.

/rant over

Yalta Zoo – Yalta – Crimea – 2015

I used to love Zoo’s, perhaps that’s because i seen them through kids eyes, but with adult eyes, they look depressing prisons for animals that should be out and enjoying their natural habitat.
Last year in Moscow zoo, the animals seemed to want to hide from the heat, on top of that the park was being remodelled, so that was a bit of a let down, so i thought perhaps this year when i went to Yalta zoo, things would b e better and whilst there were good points, such as the animals being greatly cared for, they still seemed to have a madness about them and a sadness too, anyhow, enough of my rambling, here are some photo’s:
Yalta Zoo - Yalta - Crimea - 2015































Cheburechnaya #1 – Saki – Crimea – 2015

On the way back from Shtormove, we stopped off at a traditional cafe, which is called Cheburechnaya #1, they specialise in Chiburekki, a delicious snack, or a meal if two or more are ate.
This food comes in a few different forms, with meat, with meat, cheese and tomato and just cheese, now i am not giving a great example or explaining what they are very well, all i can say is that they are extremely delicious and i recommend anyone try one of these.

First we have a cup of coffee that the wife had, followed by some strange food she had, then we have the Chiburekki, followed by what the cafe looks like from the outside:
Cheburechnaya #1 - Saki - Crimea












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