To Know You Have Failed Yet Carry On

I have for the longest time loved something that i hold dear to my heart, apart from the human people in my life that i love, i love one inanimate thing and that is the PS3 Scene, it may sound pathetic or stupid to some people, but i care dearly for the PS3 scene, it……

LOL Keep It Up Guys

lol it seems the Hackinformer crew are on their super troll mode, they could try better to be less stupid.

So had this coward tweeting me on Twitter, calling me a terrorist continuously, which i find amusing, if wearing a scarf, supporting Palestine
and loving Muslims makes me a terrorist, then i happily……

Some New Macro Photography For @StarMelter

So i decided to buy myself lens extender ring/tubes, they are automatic, but aren’t very good at taking photos in auto mode, i bought them off Ali Express for quite a small price, here are the results, take a not that some photo’s were taken using a reverse ring:

I Love @yifanlu’s Little thing – It Is So Beautiful

Apart from annoying people in the PlayStation scene, i love photography, especially macro photography, but anyone who has read this blog already knows that.
When i received Yifan’s 3G to micrSD adaptor, i just had to take some shots of it close up, i can’t afford a dedicated macro lens, so i use a macro……

GregoryRasputin Is Back Yet Again

Well i have been away for a little while, that was because i was spending some time with my new born baby boy.

I would have let you all know that i was taking a break, but he came nine days before he was supposed to and that threw everything out of shape,……

The Day SMOKE’s Fake Friends Attacked Him

No sooner had i published this article, than Freakler came at me calling me a liar for stating that he and his lame Hackinformer crew attacked SMOKE when he was at his lowest, you don’t call me a fucking liar and get away with it.

Now you all know SMOKE, he is……

When People Cry About Others Making Money

I was sitting looking through PlayStationHaX Twitter account and i seen a funny conversation, so i just had to make a comment:

Now seriously, how the fuck do these Hackinformer crocodiles have the audacity to cry about anyone making a bit of money in the scene, especially Freakler:

[Archive] Should Scene Sites Charge For Hacking Consoles ?

I originally posted this article on PlayStationHaX on the 27th of April 2016, as it fitted more with the scene and PlayStation, but it is also drama and rant related, so has a place here on my personal blog.

Now my article will not be as awesome as @wololo‘s……

Another Lamer Insults Talib Kweli – This One Has A Hidden Agenda Though

Every day some idiot goes on to Twitter to take a swipe at Talib Kweli, it is usually some racist idiot or a troll who is bored and has nothing better to do, mainly they are racists though, they falsely accuse Talib of being racist, anti-White or anti-Semitic.

Stamps From #Palestine

All i here from anti-Palestinian trolls is ‘Palestine Never Existed’, but anyone with a brain knows that it did exist and still exists, here are some stamps from a long time ago: